All Who Dare Documentary


Eagle Rock School + Honda North America


60 minute feature documentary



Concept, Script Writing, Filming, Editing

Eagle Rock, an alternative high school in Colorado founded and funded by American Honda Motor Co, approached us to create a documentary for them. Their orientation is unique: a 24-day trek in the Lost Creek Wilderness Area. The school’s ultimate goal is to re-engage students with their education; they strive to foster an individual's unique potential, encourage independent thought, and teach self-advocacy. This orientation sets the tone for the whole cohort and the years ahead of them. 

Our task was to create a compelling story documenting the journey of nine students and their guides as they traversed through the mountains, as well as the importance of such an orientation. Not only would we be capturing the logistics and scenery of the 24-day wilderness hike, we’d also be documenting team dynamics, preparations, conflicts, and each individual’s experience of the process.

Documenting Trials and Triumphs in the Wilderness

We were captivated by this project at the very beginning. Our captivation guided us from the earliest concepts, through budgeting and research, filming for six weeks, and then six months of editing and post-production; we even brought in a composer to create an original score to backdrop this epic journey. 

Due to group size restrictions in the wilderness area, we weren’t able to physically accompany the students for the entire journey. We taught one of the guides how to operate a camera and hold space for testimonials in a 2-week long crash-course in filmmaking. We stayed in Colorado for the duration of their trek (approximately 6 weeks) and met up with the group at their weekly resupply rendezvous. During this time, we were able to film key team-building exercises, check in with the guide and offer feedback, and talk with individual students. 

Rewarding and Award Winning

The end result was All Who Dare: a feature-length documentary celebrating the group’s trials and triumphs and illustrating exactly how meaningful Eagle Rock’s orientation is to the school’s identity and health of the student body. 

All Who Dare was awarded the following: 

  • Best Documentary Feature - 2018 Mespies
  • Best Documentary Feature - 2018 Frozen Film Festival
  • Official Selection - 2019 Mountain Film Festival
  • Official Selection - 2018 Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards
  • Official Selection - 2018 Real to Reel International Film Festival