BRIX Real Estate: All in the Neighborhood

BRIX Real Estate


3 narrative short films, 3 90-second business profiles



Script Advising, Filming, Directing, Editing

BRIX Real Estate sought to do something quirky, funny, and exciting. Something no real estate company had ever done before: narrative short films linked to local business profiles. We were so excited about this project. Our task was twofold: to film three shorts and three profiles on local businesses.

Each film was tied to a neighborhood and tied to a business within that neighborhood.

Crew of Three, Filming in a Live Environment

We’re used to continuously adapting, interviewing real people (non-actors), having little to no control over our environment, and covering action as it unfolds.

For this project we had total control over the shooting schedule, location, the script, the actors, and so on. There were definitely some challenges: working within budget constraints, operating with a crew of three, and filming a narrative in a live environment (the businesses were open as we filmed), but all of our past experience allowed us to navigate those challenges smoothly.

Parties & Nominations, Oh My

There was a celebration and launch party for the videos, with BRIX realtors and clients in attendance. At the end of 2018, Inman Marketing, one of the most influential real estate publications, nominated Episode 1: "A Date-Date" for Most Innovative Marketing. (21st Century, a national brokerage, beat us out, winning with their full rebrand.) BRIX Real Estate went on to win Most Innovative Brokerage in 2019.

This was such a fun project and we were glad to have a client approach us with such a playful idea.