Filming a classroom on a historic boat on the Potomac River


Living Classrooms Foundation + Honda North America


3 minute video for website



Concept, Script Writing, Filming, Editing
Living Classrooms is an educational non-profit organization in the Baltimore-Washington, DC region. Their Shipboard Environmental Education program serves thousands of students a year, fostering an environment where students benefit from practicing leadership and teamwork as they learn real-life skills, the workings of the boat, perform scientific tests, and learn about the history and ecosystem of the river.

Unique Challenges, to say the least

Our task for this film was to capture one of their living classrooms in action. The classroom? A historical boat floating on the Potomac River.

Filming a class on a boat had unique challenges. Flexible and adaptive planning, pre-production research, and communication with the producer was essential for this film. We had to be exceptionally thoughtful about the equipment we brought on board.

Challenging + Satisfying Partnership

This was one of the more challenging and satisfying projects we’ve worked on: staying on top of the action while not getting into anybody’s way on a small boat isn't as easy as it sounds. It was a joy to bear witness to students learning how to use a refractometer, drive the boat, see live oysters for the first time, and experience practical applications for what they were learning in school.

We created this film in partnership with the American Honda Foundation, as part of their Honda Community Partners video series. Honda Community Partners is a series seeking to expand the reach of their partnering organizations through web-ready video. We’ve been collaborating with the American Honda Foundation on this series since 2011.