Capturing the JUN Szechuan Kitchen & Bar Experience

Strategy Factory + JUN Szechuan Kitchen & Bar


Two 30-second videos for website and social media



Filming, Editing


Minneapolis, MN
Jun Szechuan Kitchen & Bar had just gone through a rebrand. Strategy Factory, the creative agency working with the restaurant, reached out to us to create visual content that showcased the food, ambience, and whole experience of dining and drinking at the restaurant. This video would be used on their website and social media platforms.

Capturing Culinary Dishes, Creatively

We had a short timetable available to us: two hours in a live kitchen and fully-operating restaurant to get all of the footage we needed. Live kitchens tend to be tight on space, as well as stressful and busy environments. One of our challenges was capturing the chef’s creation of dishes without hindering her movement. 

Showcasing talent & process—without getting in the way

Setting up light stands was not possible; we had to think quickly about how to creatively light our shots. Communicating with the chef was essential to learn about the dishes, the process of creating them, their plating, the timing of them. We worked together in order to showcase her talent and process in the best way.

We savored creating videos that matched the vibrant, modern, and energetic vibe of JUN’s kitchen and creations.