Capturing Talent and Personality


Kaysha Weiner Photography


3 minute identity video for website



Concept, Script Writing, Filming, Editing
A wedding photographer’s business relies on the relationships they’re able to build with potential clients. When Kaysha approached us to make an identity video for her website, we knew we would have to showcase her warm personality. Marketing in her line of work is fifty percent product, fifty percent personal connection.

Creating an Immediate Bond

We wanted to make a piece that would allow potential clients to feel an immediate bond with her. Kaysha connected us to her prior clients; we conducted interviews and were able to capture video of her photography in action, as well as showcase how beautifully she packages her products.

A small challenge was that we were unable to meet the clients prior to their testimonials, so had to be very responsive during our interviews. Not only in warming clients up to the camera and us, but to do so without going over our time.

Together, we created a video that fully displays Kaysha’s talent and kindheartedness.