Who Makes A Honda


Honda North America


3 minute video profile for website, internal broadcast, and social media



Filming, Editing


Marysville, OH
In 2014, Honda North America approached us to create a series of profiles on Honda associates. The “What Makes a Honda is Who Makes a Honda” video series showcases their associates’ hobbies and interests, passion for their work, and the way they give back to their communities. Honda’s hope was that by putting a face to their workforce, their social media audience would be able to gain an understanding of Honda’s philosophies and values. Since then, this series has been one of the cornerstones of our work.

The Joy of Creating

Sandip Suvedi is a Honda engineer who embodies one of Honda’s Three Joys: the Joy of Creating. By following and interviewing Sandip at work and at “play,” we sought to bring to life the Joy of Creating. Getting to know Sandip during pre-production is what guided our entire process during filming at the Honda R&D Americas Facility in Ohio.

Sandip is deeply curious and always interested in how things are made. We took this curiosity with us onto the factory floor. Our challenge lay in creating a compelling visual story without any prior knowledge of the factory floor, navigating a live production line, and possible R&D intellectual property constraints.