Highlighting Onshore Quality Assurance




90 second video for website, 60 second cutdown for social media


Concept, Script Writing, Filming, Editing, Motion Graphics
tapQA is a software quality assurance testing and consulting firm based in Minnesota. Their mission is to help companies lessen their reliance on offshore testing vendors while creating more quality assurance and testing jobs in America. They wanted to update their website’s informational video with something that would highlight the many services they offer and showcase their team.

Preparation + Communication =

Pre-production for this project was key. Together with tapQA leadership, we meticulously storyboarded, scripted, and created an efficient on-site filming schedule. Pre-production meetings also enabled us to clarify the company’s purpose and what sets them apart from their competition. Because of this, we could focus our video production in a way that best suited their brand and communicate clearly with our motion graphics artist. By the time we stepped foot in tapQA headquarters, we knew exactly what we needed to do and how we wanted to do it.

It was essential to film real tapQA consultants, and do so without interrupting their work. Gently coaching employees on how to move and behave on-screen, tidying up the office + desks, creating a portable lighting system, all while trying our best not to disrupt the workday was a rewarding challenge.

The morning of production, one of the directors had an idea he felt would best share the faces of tapQA. Our planning and collaborative process allowed us to stick to our schedule, get the content we needed, and accommodate a last-minute request.