Introducing an innovative new cycling product


Wolf Tooth Components


90-second video for website, 60-second cutdown for social media and paid placement


Concept, Filming, Editing, Motion Graphics


Minneapolis, MN

Wolf Tooth Components is a cycling components company in the Twin Cities. They were about to launch their newest product—an innovative multi-tool system designed to be stored inside the bike’s handlebars—and approached us to help educate their customers and promote the new tool.

Clean, meaningful, and immediately engaging

We decided that the best way to showcase the tool would be to see it in action. We headed out to gravel trails in a Minnesotan forest and got to work. We knew we had mere seconds to gain an online audience’s attention, so we worked with the marketing team at Wolf Tooth to craft a tight script that showcased the tool’s features in under 90 seconds. A lean crew made it possible to film on the trail and complete the entire shoot in a single afternoon.

We needed a way to communicate the key features of the EnCase system to a mobile audience without any dialogue. Our solution was to use in-house graphics to demonstrate the tool’s functions in a clean, meaningful way.