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Arts and Rec

Turning Fun into an Art Form!


As a groundbreaking entertainment concept, Arts and Rec has an opportunity to define and disperse their brand identity throughout the Twin Cities and beyond. Now is the time to control your brand story - to give future fans the language to talk about what Arts and Rec is, and get excited about the opening of Arts and Rec Uptown!

For a relevant local example of strong brand story built through video (not produced by F&V), check out Malcolm Yards Market.

A Video Content Subscription Plan with Faye & Voelker will provide regular professional content production for an entire year, which is constantly aligning to your brand goals.


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Local Video Production with Worldwide Experience


Faye & Voelker has decades of experience with national brands, engaging audiences with creative and engaging visual stories





Centralized Brand Story Strategy

During the first month of onboarding, Faye & Voelker will work with Arts and Rec to define their brand story and map out a full year of milestones, themes, and goals. Monthly strategy meetings will define the following month of filming and content deliverables, keeping the plan relevant and aligned with the overall brand strategy.


Cumulative Media Library

The most efficient way to build your brand library of images and assets for PR, website, social media, marketing, etc. Your in-house marketing team will always have a wide selection of custom professional images at their fingertips.


Quarterly Mini-Documentaries

Packages include mini documentary features to be produced quarterly according to the annual content strategy map. In one year, Arts and Rec will have an engaging professional documentary of its mission, business, and growth, which can be leveraged for further investment, brand recognition, and growth in the future.


Always have Content, Always Have Coverage

Production days are already reserved to cover events, seasonal features, and other key milestones for an entire year.

Use your monthly videos for:

Artist Profiles

Behind-The-Scenes Previews


Activation Tours

Seasonal Features

Investor Updates

Investor Updates

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The Results

Faye & Voelker has decades of experience delivering impactful messages with engaging visuals and heartfelt emotion.

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